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Kofax Express compatible scanners

Kofax Express
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Kofax Express (Desktop) compatible scanners
Bowe Bell + Howell SideKick 1200Brother ADS-2100eBrother ADS-2400N
Brother ADS-2600WeBrother ADS-2800WBrother ADS-3000N
Brother PDS-5000Brother PDS-5000FBrother PDS-6000F
Canon P-208IICanon P-150Canon P-215
Canon P-215IICanon DR-C125Canon DR-1210C
Canon DR-C225Canon DR-C130Canon DR-2510C
Canon DR-2010CCanon DR-2010MCanon DR-2050C
Canon DR-2020UCanon DR-2080CCanon DR-C240
Canon DR-2580CCanon DR-M140Canon DR-3010C
Canon DR-M160IIEpson GT-1500Epson WorkForce DS-310
Epson WorkForce DS-1630Epson Workforce DS-510Epson Workforce DS-520
Epson GT-S50Epson GT-S55Epson GT-S50N
Epson Workforce DS-520NEpson WorkForce DS-530Epson GT-2500
Epson GT-S80Epson GT-S80NEpson GT-2500N
Epson Workforce DS-860Epson GT-2500 PlusEpson Workforce DS-6500
Epson Workforce DS-860NEpson GT-20000N ProFujitsu fi-5110C
Fujitsu fi-6110Fujitsu fi-7030Fujitsu fi-5015C
Fujitsu fi-4010CUFujitsu fi-7140Fujitsu fi-4120C2
Fujitsu fi-5120CFujitsu fi-7160Fujitsu fi-6130Z
Fujitsu fi-6130Fujitsu fi-5220CFujitsu fi-7240
Fujitsu fi-4220C2Fujitsu fi-6230Fujitsu fi-6230Z
Fujitsu fi-7260HP ScanJet 5000HP ScanJet 4500 FN1
HP ScanJet 7000HP ScanJet 8270HP ScanJet Enterprise Flow 7500
Kodak Alaris ScanMate i940Kodak Alaris ScanMate i1150Kodak Alaris ScanMate i1120
Kodak Alaris i30Kodak Alaris ScanMate i1150WNKodak Alaris i2400
Kodak Alaris i2420Kodak Alaris i1210 PlusKodak Alaris ScanMate i1190
Kodak Alaris i40Kodak Alaris i1220 PlusKodak Alaris i1190WN
Kodak Alaris ScanMate i1180Kodak Alaris i2620Kodak Alaris s1220
Kodak Alaris i50Kodak Alaris i65Kodak Alaris i60
Kodak Alaris i80Kodak Alaris i3300Kodak Alaris i3500
Kodak Alaris i5850Panasonic KV-S1015CPanasonic KV-S1026C
Panasonic KV-S1027CPanasonic KV-S1057CPanasonic KV-S1045C
Panasonic KV-S7077-UPanasonic KV-S7097-UXerox DocuMate 3125
Xerox Documate 250Xerox DocuMate 520Xerox DocuMate 4440i
Xerox DocuMate 262iXerox DocuMate 252Xerox DocuMate 5445i
Xerox DocuMate 272Xerox DocuMate 5460iXerox DocuMate 262
Xerox DocuMate 4760Xerox DocuMate 4799
Kofax Express (Workgroup) compatible scanners
Bowe Bell + Howell SideKick 1400Brother PDS-6000Canon DR-M160
Canon DR-M1060Canon DR-4010CCanon DR-3080CII
Canon DR-3060Canon DR-5010CCanon DR-6030C
Epson GT-S55NEpson GT-S85NEpson GT-S85
Epson Workforce DS-7500Epson Workforce DS-60000Epson GT-30000N
Epson Workforce DS-70000Fujitsu fi-7180Fujitsu fi-6140Z
Fujitsu fi-6140Fujitsu fi-7280Fujitsu fi-5530C
Fujitsu fi-6240ZFujitsu fi-6240Fujitsu fi-5530C2
Fujitsu fi-7460Fujitsu fi-4530CFujitsu fi-7480
Fujitsu fi-4340CKodak Alaris i2600Kodak Alaris i2820
Kodak Alaris i55Kodak Alaris i1310 PlusKodak Alaris i2800
Kodak Alaris i1320 PlusKodak Alaris i2900Kodak Alaris i150
Kodak Alaris i1405Kodak Alaris i160Kodak Alaris i3200
Kodak Alaris i1410Kodak Alaris SideKick 1400uKodak Alaris i3250
Kodak Alaris i1420Kodak Alaris i260Kodak Alaris i250
Panasonic KV-S1046CPanasonic KV-S1065CPanasonic KV-S2087U
Panasonic KV-S2048CPanasonic KV-S5055CXerox DocuMate 3640
Xerox DocuMate 632Xerox DocuMate 3640 With Kofax VRSXerox DocuMate 3460
Xerox DocuMate 4790
Kofax Express (Low Volume Production) compatible scanners
Bowe Bell + Howell 730DC-FBBowe Bell + Howell Truper 3600Bowe Bell + Howell Truper 3600 Plus
Bowe Bell + Howell Truper 3200Canon DR-7580Canon DR-6010C
Canon DR-6050CCanon DR-7550CCanon DR-G1100
Canon DR-6080Canon DR-7080CCanon DR-7090C
Fujitsu fi-5650CFujitsu fi-6750SFujitsu fi-6670
Fujitsu fi-6670AFujitsu fi-5750CFujitsu fi-6770
Fujitsu fi-6770AFujitsu fi-6400Fujitsu M4099D
HP ScanJet Enterprise 9000HP ScanJet N9120Kodak Alaris i3400
Kodak Alaris i3450Kodak Alaris Truper 3610Kodak Alaris i280
Kodak Alaris i1440Kodak Alaris Truper 3210Kodak Alaris i4250
Kodak Alaris i4200Panasonic KV-S5046HPanasonic KV-S4065CL
Panasonic KV-S7075CPanasonic KV-S4065CWXerox DocuMate 752
Kofax Express (Mid Volume Production) compatible scanners
Bowe Bell + Howell Ngenuity 9090B A3Bowe Bell + Howell Ngenuity 9090C A3Bowe Bell + Howell Ngenuity 9125 A3
Canon DR-9080CCanon DR-9050CCanon DR-G1130
Canon DR-X10CFujitsu fi-4860CFujitsu fi-4860C2
Fujitsu fi-6800Fujitsu fi-5950Fujitsu fi-5900C
Kodak Alaris i4600Kodak Alaris i4650Kodak Alaris Ngenuity 9090B A3
Kodak Alaris Ngenuity 9090C A3Kodak Alaris i620Kodak Alaris i640
Kodak Alaris i730Kodak Alaris Ngenuity 9125CKodak Alaris i4850
Kodak Alaris i750Panasonic KV-S5076HPanasonic KV-S4085CL
Panasonic KV-S4085CW
Kofax Express (High Volume Production) compatible scanners
Kodak Alaris i5200Kodak Alaris i5600

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