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QuickScan Pro
QuickScan Pro Out-of-the-box solution for document capture

EMC Captiva QuickScanTM Pro is an out-of-the-box, single workstation document capture solution that is built within the ISIS architecturethe industry-standard interface that unites scanners with software applications. Using QuickScan Pro, users can scan in batches of documents and then view automatically separated documents with the ability to manipulate files before exporting them in popular file formats..

QuickScan Pro is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that are ready to replace the time consuming and error-prone process of manually managing paperwork with a complete document solution that is capable of handling thousands of documents. With QuickScan Pro, users process documents more efficiently and reduce or eliminate storage and filing costs associated with maintaining hard copy versions.

QuickScan Pro is compatible with over 300 document scanners from leading industry manufacturers and end-users can install QuickScan Pro with minimal installation time. Programmers can also take advantage of fully-scalable capabilities, customizing

QuickScan Pro as a front-end scanning module for almost any application.

Scan, view, index

QuickScan Pro allows users to streamline the batch scanning process with its scanning, indexing, view, and display functions. In addition to supporting standard binary and color-capable scanners, QuickScan Pro also supports advanced document scanning features including MultiStream and Automatic Color Detection. QuickScan Pro uses optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities to convert paper and electronic documents into usable text documents such as PDF text, XML, Microsoft Word, and web configurable text file formats such as ASCII and HTML. Zonal OCR captures data on pre-configured zones of an imagelike invoice or sales receipt numbers. To help automate the data capture process, using barcode detection to capture 1D and 2D barcode data, QuickScan Pro can automatically populate index fields, separate batches without the need for separator sheets, and auto-name documents. Scanned document images can be displayed and manipulated with features like fast scaling (zoom in and out), rotation, and scale-to-gray.


Batch Manager: QuickScan Pro Batch Manager allows users to easily navigate multiple batches. Batch Manager monitors the progression and status of each batch to help the user make sure that work is not duplicated and each document is queued for review. The Batch Manager allows users to easily check how many documents or pages are in a batch, as well as when a batch was scanned, indexed, and exported.

Image enhancement: QuickScan Pro image enhancement filters can reduce file sizes to make them easier to send and more efficient to store. Users can improve image clarity with clean-up filters that improve data recognition results. Filters include barcode recognition, threshold, automatic blank page deletion, line removal, border removal, margin cropping, de-skew, patchcode recognition, noise removal, rotation, hole removal, and digital stamp.

Automatic naming: QuickScan Pro features an automatic file naming function, which allows users not only to assign names to files, but to organize those files as well. Users may create naming schemas according to their enterprise needs. As a schema is selected or created, a dialog displays a sample of files that will be named and what subdirectories will be created.

Integrated job separation: QuickScan Pro supports flexible job separation at scan time via patch codes, barcodes, blank pages, and page count, allowing scanned images to be conveniently segmented into multi-page files or directories.

Multi-page document editing: QuickScan Pro includes multi-page document editing capabilities, allowing users to append a multi-page document, delete or insert an image in a multi-page document, drag and drop an image from one place in a file to another, and much more.

Image annotations: Images can be enhanced with multi-colored highlighting, freehand line drawing, poly-line drawing, redaction, sticky notes, arrows, a stamp tool, a text tool that supports special characters, and many other annotations.

Managed mode: IT administrators can easily deploy multiple copies of QuickScan Pro across an organization and administer user permissions, granting user access to QuickScan Pro functionalities as necessary. Managed Mode also allows multiple QuickScan Pro users to share profiles over a network instead of maintaining multiple profiles for each user. Additionally, administrators can lock down certain features of QuickScan Pro to prevent unintended use.

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