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Shredder comparison chart

StyleSecCapDailyWidthVolCDsCredit cardsStaplesCardboardPrice
Fellowes M-7CCross cut37100229mm14 ltrs£51.00
Fellowes M-8CCross cut38100229mm15 ltrs£61.00
Fellowes 53cCross cut410100220mm23 ltrs£61.95
Fellowes 60CsCross cut310100mm22 ltrs£69.00
Fellowes Powershred 21CsCross cut312120230mm15 ltrs£81.00
Fellowes 62McMicro cut510250230mm19 ltrs£108.00
Fellowes 70SStrip cut214250230mm27 ltrs£122.00
Fellowes 63CbCross cut310250mm19 ltrs£125.00
Fellowes Powershred 450MMicro cut59-220mm30 ltrs£147.00
Fellowes 73CiCross cut412250230mm23 ltrs£151.00
Fellowes 75CsCross cut412250230mm27 ltrs£154.00
Fellowes 79CiCross cut414250230mm23 ltrs£168.00
Fellowes 90SStrip cut218500230mm34 ltrs£181.00
Fellowes Powershred 46MsMicro cut511400220mm30 ltrs£245.66
Fellowes 99CiCross cut417500230mm34 ltrs£275.00
ProductStyleSecCapDailyWidthVolCDsCredit cardsStaplesCardboardPrice
Fellowes 99MsMicro cut512500230mm34 ltrs£276.00
Fellowes Automax 200cCross cut410500220mm32 ltrs£281.00
Fellowes 125iStrip cut2181000230mm49 ltrs£332.00
Fellowes 125CiCross cut4181000230mm49 ltrs£345.00
Fellowes 225iStrip cut2201000240mm60 ltrs£399.00
Fellowes 225CiCross cut4201000240mm60 ltrs£406.00
Fellowes AutoMax 350cCross cut412-230mm68 ltrs£475.00
Fellowes 225MiMicro cut5141000240mm60 ltrs£529.00
Fellowes AutoMax 550cCross cut414-230mm83 ltrs£593.00
Fellowes 325iStrip cut2261000240mm83 ltrs£599.00
Fellowes 325CiCross cut4241000240mm83 ltrs£627.00
Fellowes 425iStrip cut2382500305mm121 ltrs£920.00
Fellowes 425CiCross cut4282500305mm121 ltrs£923.00
Fellowes Fortishred 1050HSStrip cut74-mm35 ltrs£959.00
Fellowes 485iStrip cut2382500405mm142 ltrs£1,188.00
ProductStyleSecCapDailyWidthVolCDsCredit cardsStaplesCardboardPrice
Fellowes 485CiCross cut4282500405mm142 ltrs£1,194.00
HSM ShredStar X5 (4x38mm)Cross cut4725mm16 ltrs£56.00
HSM ShredStar X10 (4.5 x 30mm)Cross cut410100220mm20 ltrs£82.00
HSM Shredstar X13 (4 x 37mm)Cross cut413250230mm23 ltrs£132.00
HSM Shredstar X15 (4 x 37mm)Cross cut415250230mm23 ltrs£185.00
HSM SECURIO B22 (5.8mm)Strip cut218250240mm33 ltrs£239.00
HSM SECURIO B24 (5.8mm)Strip cut230500240mm34 ltrs£278.00
HSM SECURIO B22 (3.9x30mm)Cross cut414250240mm33 ltrs£289.00
HSM SECURIO B24 (4.5x30mm)Cross cut419500240mm34 ltrs£305.00
HSM SECURIO B22 (1.9x15mm)Micro cut511250240mm33 ltrs£315.00
HSM SECURIO B24 (1.9x15mm)Micro cut513500240mm34 ltrs£319.00
HSM SECURIO B32 (5.8mm)Strip cut2301000310mm82 ltrs£395.00
HSM SECURIO B32 (4.5x30mm)Cross cut4191000310mm82 ltrs£462.00
HSM SECURIO B32 (1.9x15mm)Micro cut5131000310mm82 ltrs£477.00
HSM SECURIO B34 (5.8mm)Strip cut2321000310mm100 ltrs£492.00
ProductStyleSecCapDailyWidthVolCDsCredit cardsStaplesCardboardPrice
HSM SECURIO B34 (4.5x30mm)Cross cut4221000310mm100 ltrs£565.00
HSM SECURIO B34 (1.9x15mm)Micro cut5151000310mm100 ltrs£589.00
HSM SECURIO P40i (4.5 x 30mm)Cross cut4332500330mm145 ltrs£1,551.00
HSM SECURIO P44i (3.9 x 40mm)Cross cut4412500400mm205 ltrs£2,139.00
HSM 450.2 Pro (2x15mm)Micro cut5402500443mm290 ltrs£5,785.00
HSM 450.2 Pro (3.9x50mm)Cross cut3852500443mm290 ltrs£5,785.00
HSM FA400.2 (11.8mm)Strip cut1180-428mm-£6,079.00
HSM FA400.2 (5.8x50mm)Cross cut3120-428mm-£6,079.00
Rexel Alpha Home CCCross cut4650224mm14 ltrs£31.79
Rexel Promax RPS812Strip cut2850220mm12 ltrs£35.95
Rexel Style +Cross cut48100230mm12 ltrs£41.95
Rexel Promax RPX612Cross cut4650220mm12 ltrs£42.95
Rexel Momentum X410Cross cut410100220mm23 ltrs£54.95
Rexel Momentum X312-SLCross cut312100220mm23 ltrs£61.95
Rexel Momentum X410-SLCross cut410100220mm23 ltrs£68.00
ProductStyleSecCapDailyWidthVolCDsCredit cardsStaplesCardboardPrice
Rexel Prostyle CCCross cut411250230mm20 ltrs£79.95
Rexel Prostyle+ 12Cross cut412250230mm20 ltrs£79.95
Rexel Auto+ 60XCross cut360250mm15 ltrs£95.95
Rexel REM820Micro cut59250225mm21 ltrs£124.00
Rexel Mercury RES1523Strip cut216250225mm23 ltrs£137.00
Rexel Auto+ 130XCross cut36-225mm26 ltrs£138.00
Rexel Auto+ 90XCross cut36-220mm20 ltrs£143.00
Rexel Momentum X415Cross cut415250223mm23 ltrs£158.00
Rexel Mercury REX1023Cross cut311250230mm23 ltrs£166.00
Rexel Momentum M510Micro cut510250223mm23 ltrs£168.00
Rexel Promax RSS1838 Strip Cut 6mm P2Strip cut218250220mmmm38 ltrs£176.00
Rexel Mercury RSS2434Strip cut224500225mm34 ltrs£180.00
Rexel Mercury REX1323Cross cut414250225mm23 ltrs£189.00
Rexel Promax RSX1538Cross cut415250220mm38 ltrs£192.00
Rexel Mercury RSS2232Strip cut223500230mm32 ltrs£194.00
ProductStyleSecCapDailyWidthVolCDsCredit cardsStaplesCardboardPrice
Rexel Mercury RSX1834Cross cut418500225mmmm34 ltrs£194.00
Rexel Mercury REM723Micro cut57250230mm23 ltrs£220.00
Rexel Auto+ 130MCross cut56500225mm26 ltrs£222.00
Rexel Momentum X420Cross cut420500230mm30 ltrs£257.00
Rexel Momentum M515Micro cut515500230mm30 ltrs£257.00
Rexel Mercury RSM1130Micro cut512250225mm30 ltrs£263.00
Rexel Auto+ 200XCross cut47500230mm32 ltrs£270.00
Rexel Mercury RDS2250Strip cut2231000250mm50 ltrs£317.00
Rexel Mercury RDX1850Cross cut3191000250mm50 ltrs£329.00
Rexel Auto+ 300XCross cut481000230mm40 ltrs£346.00
Rexel Mercury RDS2270Strip cut2221000250mm70 ltrs£372.00
Rexel Mercury RDX2070Cross cut3211000250mm70 ltrs£375.00
Rexel Auto+ 300MCross cut581000mm40 ltrs£463.00
Rexel Mercury RLS32Strip cut2341000260mm115 ltrs£600.00
Rexel Mercury RDM1150Micro cut5121000250mm50 ltrs£642.00
ProductStyleSecCapDailyWidthVolCDsCredit cardsStaplesCardboardPrice
Rexel Mercury RLX20Cross cut4221000260mm115 ltrs£689.00
Rexel Auto+ 600XCross cut4102500230mm80 ltrs£698.00
Rexel Mercury RLM11Micro cut5121000260mm115 ltrs£920.00
Rexel Mercury RDSM750Micro cut67500250mm50 ltrs£1,021.00
Rexel Auto+ 750XCross cut412-mm115 ltrs£1,092.00
Rexel Auto+ 600MMicro cut592500230mm80 ltrs£1,144.00
Rexel RLWS35 Wide EntryStrip cut2352500mm175 ltrs£1,734.00
Rexel Auto+ 750MCross cut5102500mm115 ltrs£1,858.00
Rexel RLWX25 Wide EntryCross cut4252500mm175 ltrs£2,030.00
Rexel RLWS47 Wide EntryStrip cut2472500mm225 ltrs£2,995.00
Rexel RLWX39 Wide EntryCross cut4392500mm225 ltrs£3,329.00
Rexel RLWM26 Wide EntryCross cut5262500mm175 ltrs£3,592.00
Swordfish 600XCCross cut46160220mm11 ltrs£29.95
Swordfish 800XCCross cut38-225mm14 ltrs£42.95
Swordfish 1000XCCross cut410100220mm20 ltrs£93.00
ProductStyleSecCapDailyWidthVolCDsCredit cardsStaplesCardboardPrice
Swordfish 1000XCDCross cut410100220mm15 ltrs£112.00
Swordfish 800XXCMicro cut58250220mm17 ltrs£139.00
Swordfish 1400XCDCross cut414-mm22 ltrs£145.00
Swordfish 1600XCDCross cut416250222mm29 ltrs£159.00
Swordfish 1500 XCDCross cut415250220mm30 ltrs£180.00
Swordfish 1200XXCDCross cut412500220mm29.5 ltrs£190.00

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