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Plustek MobileOffice D428

Plustek MobileOffice D428 Authorised Reseller
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Specification Consumables
Price Discontinued
Speed 20 ppm
Part # 194847
Max. paper size: A4
Colour mode: Colour, greyscale, black and white
Scanning side:   Duplex (both sides)
Duplex speed:   20 images per minute
Feeder capacity:   1 sheet
Interface: USB
Flatbed: No
Drivers:   TWAIN
Compatibility: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Windows 7: Notify me when Windows 7 drivers are available
Driver download: Plustek MobileOffice D428 drivers
Sales brochure: Plustek MobileOffice D428 Brochure.pdf
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What Plustek have to say...
The Plustek MobileOffice D428 is the newest new member of MobileOffice series. The D428 is an easy to use, high speed scanner with a compact design that is ideal for vertical markets that need to scan plastic cards, as well as mixed sized documents up to 8.5x14".

Work Easier
Bundled with the latest version of DocAction, the MobileOffice D428 lets you send documents to pre-selected destinations by simply pressing a button on the scanner. Images can be saved in various digital formats such as Word, Excel, Image formats, or printed. The pre-programmed interface provides six function settings which include: Scan, OCR, E-mail, Copy, File, and three custom functions. Any of the pre-programmed functions and custom functions can be completely customized to meet the user's needs.

Work Faster
The Plustek MobileOffice D428 provides fast-scanning speed and can scan both sides of a standard 8.5X11" document in 2.2 seconds. The scanner can scan plastic embossed cards up to 1.2mm thick. The scanner features dual CIS sensors that eliminate warm-up time and allow simultaneous scanning of both sides of the document. The D428 also features a robust transport mechanism that just about eliminates jams and misfeeds.

Work Smarter
The advanced image processing features of the D428 include:

Automatic Cropping

  • No need to sort documents by size before scanning.
  • Smaller file sizes.
  • No distracting large black borders.

Automatic Document Straightening (Deskew)

  • No need to re-scan skewed documents.

Automatic Thresholding

  • Higher OCR accuracy.
  • Smaller file sizes.
  • Better readability of image files.

Automatic Rotation

  • No need to rescan documents that are scanned upside down.
  • Higher OCR Accuracy.

Color Drop Out

  • Higher OCR accuracy for forms processing applications.

Automatic Blank Page Deletion

  • Better human readability of single sided documents.
  • Smaller file sizes.

Advanced controls for color imaging

  • Automatic Color Matching - ability to embed color profiles in image files.
  • Auto Density - Histogram stretching. Can make image file look better than original.

Because the D428's footprint is less than 4" by 12 ", the scanner can be deployed practically anywhere. A choice of paper output options, straight through or vertical provides added placement flexibility. In addition, the design allows users easy to clean glasses and rollers.

The compact design makes it easy to use the D428 in any space constrained environment.

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